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Since I can't remember how long it has been since the last update that must mean it's time for another! "Update website" is always near the top of my to-do list but, since I usually start at the bottom, it never gets done. Work has been moving along at a good clip lately, with only a few minor diversions. The book and I took a time-out from each other over Christmas break, during which I managed to squeeze out a set of liner notes for a Lennon-centric project. It hasn't been announced yet, so I probably shouldn't say any more about it. However, from what I understand, it will be released in April. What I took away from the experience is that I'm thrilled to be self-publishing, and you should be thrilled as well since that means you'll get all of the words.

So LENNONOLOGY is back on the burner. As I told Scott when we started this however many years ago, I expect to turn on the Mac one day to find out that the book is finished. We haven't reached that stage yet, but I am opening files to find them in a very positive state of completion. I recently spent a day in Volume Two while analyzing the latest offering from TMOQ, and was very pleased at what I found. And, not only that, it was functional! Unfortunately, there are large chunks of the project that are in an equally unfinished state.

Over the holidays I also took time out to read the abridged version of Tune In, and Lewisohn has raised the bar again. I've also peeked at the deluxe edition and it looks to be equally enthralling. I suppose it's a good thing that Volume One of LENNONOLOGY isn't finished yet because the competition would have been fierce. I do suspect that Strange Days Indeed will be on the street before Mark publishes his second volume - at least, that's the plan. I did my yearly page count yesterday, and it's going the wrong way! If it keeps accelerating at this pace you're going to need at least six inches of shelf space when things are said and done. I also took a look at the statistics for a random file to find that I was on revision number 1920, with a total editing time of 347 hours since it was created in May 2006. I won't be looking at file properties any more.

I've been able to remove a few major items from the want list and things have progressed to the point that I have been able to send out the odd chapter for review. Besides being asked if I was getting paid by the comma, the reaction has been quite positive. I certainly appreciate everyone's patience; I really do believe that you will find it to be worth the wait.

Chip Madinger
January 2014

Lennonology: An Update (February 2012)