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At this time Strange Days Indeed—A Scrapbook Of Madness is available exclusively at www.lennonology.com

There are no plans to make the book available through Amazon or any other online retailers.

The preferred method of payment for orders is via PayPal. One does not require a PayPal account to use the service, but if payment via credit or debit card is preferred by the subscriber, it must be processed through the PayPal system which accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and all major credit cards.

In addition, U.S. subscribers funding via a PayPal Credit account are offered 6 months to pay on orders of $99+.

For those using PayPal outside of the U.S., payment MUST be made in U.S. dollars. The subscriber will be responsible for charges related to the conversion of currency and will be according to PayPal's rate of exchange. Any orders not placed in U.S. dollars will be cancelled.

Upon processing of your order, Open Your Books will acknowledge the purchase and provide details for accessing the LENNONOLOGY Forum.*


It has become apparent that many subscribers would like a specific number with their copy. Although desired numbers outside of books 1-9 ARE NOT guaranteed, if a particular number is preferred, please list your top three picks and Open Your Books will make every effort to accommodate your request—based upon the sequence in which orders are received. Please keep in mind that only a few numbered editions remain. Numbering may become more significant upon publication of future volumes in the LENNONOLOGY series. During the pre-sale for the remaining volumes, subscribers of Strange Days Indeed will be given the opportunity to match numbers.


Plans for an e-book edition of Strange Days Indeed—A Scrapbook Of Madness are under consideration. However, production of a digital edition will not proceed until stocks of the physical product have been exhausted.

If you are ordering via international or domestic mail, please make sure that you have included your return mailing address. If you are moving in the near future, please feel free to place your order, but request that your book not be shipped until you have arrived at your new address. In addition, please indicate if you are still interested in a softbound copy should the hardcover be sold out (the balance will be refunded), or if you would like your order to be cancelled.

In the U.S., checks, Postal Money Orders and cash (sent at the buyer's risk) will be accepted. Outside of the U.S., buyer's that wish to use cash (sent at the buyer's risk) may do so, but payment MUST be made in U.S. Dollars. Checks returned for insufficient funds will result in cancellation of the order, and a dose of bad karma.

Mail orders should be addressed to:       OPEN YOUR BOOKS
                                                                        P.O. Box 4414
                                                                        Chesterfield, MO


All orders include Media Mail shipping in the U.S. It is regrettable that due to exorbitant shipping costs, this benefit will not be extended beyond subscribers in the continental U.S.

The value of the book will be reported at the retail price schedule, and the recipient is responsible for all applicable delivery fees, tariffs and taxes. Insurance is recommended, but is not included in the cost of shipping and will be quoted upon request. Copies ordered to be delivered outside of the U.S. that are "not received" will not be replaced if uninsured. Open Your Books will not be responsible for undelivered copies resulting from a change of address.

Subscribers residing in the following countries/regions will be placing orders at their own risk and it is strongly suggested that they purchase insurance. Orders from subscribers in these countries will be filled at the discretion of Open Your Books.

South America
Central America
The Netherlands
Russian Federation


If you have any questions, please contact us at: orders@lennonology.com


*The LENNONOLOGY forum is open to the public. Registration and agreement with the forum terms of agreement is required.