S T R A N G E   D A Y S   I N D E E D   I S    H E R E   

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Fifteen years in the making, the first volume of the LENNONOLOGY series has finally been realized! Strange Days Indeed—A Scrapbook Of Madness is a day-by-day account of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's artistic and personal partnership from 1968-1980 that will transport the reader back in time to accompany John and Yoko as their future unfolds.

A painstakingly researched collection, Strange Days Indeed—A Scrapbook Of Madness has been written in the form of a daily journal, and weaves oral history together with narrative and contemporary graphic material to provide the most accurate and unbiased portrait of the Lennons' lives and art ever produced. Such an important release is deserving of a deluxe treatment, and keeping that in mind, 500 hardbound copies have been produced, the first 250 of which are signed and numbered. In addition to the hardback edition, production will be limited to 1,500 softbound copies.

There has been an embarrassment of riches discovered while researching LENNONOLOGY. Subsequent volumes will mirror the format and augment the rich detail found in this first installment, Strange Days Indeed—A Scrapbook Of Madness. Once complete, the LENNONOLOGY series will serve as the most accurate and unbiased portrait of the Lennons' lives and art ever produced. Reams of documentation and countless reels of film, music and spoken word have been scoured to guarantee a wealth of new information and insights for even the most seasoned fan.

Since the publication of the highly-acclaimed Eight Arms To Hold You - The Solo Beatles Compendium in October 2000, co-author Chip Madinger has continued to chronicle the solo work of John Lennon, while working on a number of Beatle-related projects including American Masters: LENNONYC, VH1's Classic Album Series' look at John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, an eight-disc collection of WABC-FM radio personality Howard Smith's archive of conversations with the Lennons (I'm Not The Beatles) and the first authorized CD release of Paul McCartney's soundtrack to The Family Way. He has also contributed research and archival material for a number of reissues including The Beatles' The Capitol Albums Vol. One and Magical Mystery Tour DVD/Blu-Ray for Apple Records and the 40th anniversary edition of Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road for Universal Music. In 2005, Madinger teamed with historian Scott Raile to compile what promises to be the most exhaustive, meticulously researched account of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's artistic legacy ever published.

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The first three chapters of Strange Days Indeed may be previewed here.

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